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Some blender questions and please forgive my ignorance…
I’m putting together a movie that has a giant flying tentacle monster. I am having some guys build me a puppet but am thinking I would like to do some 3d scenes. I have worked in After Effects so I know a bit about compositing but have never really dug into 3D sculpt/rendering programs. First, not to offend anyone, but I know Blender is newer and open source, will it output as good of renders as some of the more established programs? Will I be able to get something that doesn’t look like animation? Being that I have never worked in these programs before will this be a good one to use or are there easier programs that output quality results? I imagine the texture, lighting, and movement are the key to selling this as real. I need a handful of shots and am doing virtually everything so far in this movie so does anyone want to work on these scenes (just the 3D part) I can do the composite. I don’t have a ton of money but can come up with some.
Thanks for taking the time and forgive the ignorance. I will put some links to the tests I have done. It is a throwback to older B-movies. I can be reached at [email protected]
Insectus tests:
password: insectus
Tests for a different movie:

Well blender is not really new as it has been going for over ten years. For rendering there are a whole number of external 3rd party renderers that you can use, some free, some commercial like Otane renderer, VRay, Renderman standard renderers. You have a huge choice to work with to get the effect you want.

Well, this shows my ignorance, I thought the modeling and renderer was all in one package.

Technically, Blender predates AE by ~4 years (blender’s first inception was '89 & AE’s on '93). :smiley:

Anyway… Blender & AE are two different programs, both are excellent @ what they do. But it’s a whole different skillset vs editing & compositing.

Hope you find someone to help. :slight_smile:

Thanks. I obviously don’t have the first skill set and therefor was hoping to find something better than I jumping in as a novice

Holy MST3K, Batperson! Great and fun stuff, those examples, it’s good to see that kitschy movies as an art form are still alive & kickin’ (un-dead & kickin’?).

Check your PMs.

They are in one package. But the one that comes with the package (Known as Blender Internal or BI) Is not as good quality as some outside renderers. Luxrender is a great renderer and it is free. Great work so far!!