Using Blender Models In Indie Games?

This subject has come up a lot on sites like Allegro and GameDev.Net but no one ever knows the answer. I’m making a 3D game and I use Blender more than any of the other modelers I have (Maya 5.0 PLE, gmax, truspace 3.2, and Blender). I wanted to know if there was a way to use Blender models with my game outside of the Blender game engine. I use C++/WinAPI/DirectX/Allegro but I don’t know what I’m doing cause this is my first 3D game that I’ve tried to make. Any help you can offer would be great.

Yes…the magic word is


Search for it, eventually take a look at

and you will know :wink:

I don’t know Allegro, but if you use DirectX, it is possible to export models do DirectX text file format (or any other suitable format) and load them into your game.

Another option is to create your own format and write exporter from Blender to your game. I have created a little demo, which rotates a single 3D object and allows to upload another object from Blender. Demo can be found on demo page as file. In this file there is se.exe demo and bl2se.blend file, which allows export model with vertex colours into se.exe using network connection.

P.S. If blender won’t be able to connect to demo, change in blender value of variable HOST in Python script to name of your computer.

That’s a problem because I don’t like using anyone’s engine other than mine. Guess I’ll just have to make a add-on to my engine to load blender files. That will take a little while but I prefer using blender as I said before. But I’ll look into the demo when I return later tonight from eating and spending time with my wife:).

There is a .X file exporter distributed with blender (File->Export->DirectX) which is probably a one-line import into Direct3D
[edit]Okay, it’s not quite one-line, but I found this which is just as good.

Hint: Begins with a “T” and rhymes with “Spork”
(What JoOngle said)

Their is a Torque DTS exporter for Blender that is under active development. :stuck_out_tongue:

matter of fact, im doing the same thing me and some of my friends are macking a cartoony dogfight game will have a simaliar look such as worms 3d and think tanks

As I said before I won’t waste money on Torque. Last I saw it was like $125 for the Torque engine. I’d rather use mine since it is something I made and it is for free. I’ll just use Truspace 3.2 cause I know how to use it and Calgari released a full free version of Truspace.

just export to whatever filetype you prefer, and write some code in your engine to import whichever filetype…
iyou should be able to find tuts and info on importing pretty much any of the major 3d files…