Using Blender software in educational videos as an illustration tool during explaining any topic HOW

I am Mohamed from Egypt at Cairo the capital.
I am creating educational video tutorials and upload it to YouTube.
One of the videos I’ve watched on YouTube mentioned Blender software to be used as an illustration tool during explaining any topic.
I’ve downloaded the software and installed it and watched a lot of videos about it on YouTube but found most of them is about 3D and animation.
So I thought to ask here to figure out how the software can be used to explain or illustrate topics.
I am sorry if I can not be more specific as I have not used the software before.

The feature you’re looking for is Grease Pencil. It’s for 2D drawing/animation.

But it depends on what type of illustrations you have planned. If you’re just doing slides, Inkscape may be a better fit for you.

I mean I want to use the 2d or 3d option to put any object and then explain its topic.
Let’s say I want to explain anything inside human body can I found any object for it using the blender software then explain it in my video.
Or like explaining geography and maps …etc to give a better and interesting effects for viewer.
Can I do so?
Any ideas for best options?

Oh. I think I understand what you’re looking for.

Blender is meant for creating models and or rendering them into still images or animations. From your most recent remarks, it sounds like what you want is a library of objects to use in said stills and animations. There are a bunch of places where you can find 3d objects, but to give you all the information you need to get from where you are to where you wanna be would take weeks, if not months, because what you need is a full-length course on how to use Blender. Sorry, but that’s my take on this.

I do not mind to learn the software well to achieve my targeted purposes.
Which type of courses would you recommend?

It would be helpful if you posted links to videos that are similar to what you are wanting to make. Are you wanting to make drawing overlays on 3d objects?

Honestly I did not watched any already done videos like that, but what happened was that I’ve watched a video about how to make educational videos and the guy suggested to use Blender to do a better videos and add effects or animation. Also he mentioned that video editing and rendering section in Blender is not powerful compared as 3d or 2d animation section, and because I never used Blender before I thought to ask in the place where more knowledgeable people exists.

Yes, exactly to some extend yes my friend :slight_smile:

You are referring to a YouTube video. Could you link to that? Or find something similar?
So you are already making videos, could you link to those? Or at least find something like it and/or describe exactly what you want to make clearly.

I would backup and see your problem more generally.
Educational videos. What exactly are you going to teach? Does someone already teach a similar topic in a video? How did they do it? What do they do right/wrong?

Make a 1 minute sample in text form at least, write down everything, what elements are needed?
Blender is a very powerful tool. It can do it, but this project might be too big for a new Blender user to make within a reasonable amount of time. A simpler tool might be better suited to get the project done.

But if you like a challenge, Blender it is. I’d start here. I’d learn to answer your own questions quickly through searching… then when you’re stuck, I’m willing to help.

I am too much thankful for your interest to help me my friend :slight_smile:
This is the video I was talking about is in Arabic language and I do not know if auto generated translation by YouTube into English will be enough and accurate or not.

All videos I’ve created was a PowerPoint presentation based and this is the style I want to change to something more interactive and interesting.
With all honest I feel that I am searching for something I am not aware about yet, which makes me feels embarrassed.
This is a sample of Videos I’ve did, it is a bit old.
but others videos are not on YouTube but almost the same way.
What I do imagine is create or design any object or search for it and do animation to it to make it interested to who is watching.
I do not know if I was successful to express my self correctly or not.
So what you are suggesting me to do is to learn Blender and then see how I can make best use of it in my videos, right?

I see that you’re making Software testing content in Arabic. Nice.
And the video you shared above was doing a screen capture explanation of several programs including Blender.

And I see your videos are like a lecture, where you talk from a rough outline, and show slides or programs… This is a fast way to make videos.

You could also use an annotate tool that lets you draw on any program on your screen.

That’s how I would do it I think: use any program, then draw on top as needed.

So you mentioned the human body, you could show an anatomy website that lets you see the different layers into the body, then you use an annotate tool to draw over your web browser, while you’re doing a screen recording, making a live presentation, That way you can explain at your speed, and you can do most of it in one take.

Blender lets you build and render animations and gives you control over every detail, every point in time. People can spend months polishing content. It might be overkill for making this type of lecture learning content. Blender may slow you down.

But you could use Blender like that anatomy website above, like a live presentation, open a 3d model in Blender, and while you’re doing a screen recording. you’re explaining and drawing on it. looking at the the object from multiple angles. Blender has built in annotation tools too. You could go full screen and hide the buttons, and just show the model while you are presenting. Is this closer to what you are trying to do?

I am glad that you was able to figure the topic out of the video.

Yes, I’ve just recorded the whole session using Camtasia Studio from techsmith, and because I am doing a lot of videos I’ve choose this way to do fair amount of explanations on a daily base.

Exactly my friend.
This is how I want it to look like.

Does there are a lot of objects like that human body you linked above where I can add it to blender and then change camera angel to different views to explain over it.
Like this image for example

And if there is any way to let it have any small or few animation that would be awesome.

But if doing these animations will take a lot of time then I am sure using already made objects would be better because I do not want to be a professional artist but just want to make lessons more entertaining.

So what would you recommend me to go for my friend :slight_smile:

What I’ve in mind is to have an object on the screen and be able to move it like having an object of the heart of any human being and move camera angel to explain and viewer can imagine the details better, or as the image above the layers of the earth in geographic …etc The main point is to help viewer imagine better.

You can find free or paid 3d models for many things, like this heart. Blender can import obj files.
But is this heart model correct? I don’t know. You can pay a ton of money for models. This one doesn’t have textures or animations. but I could make it look and work good with a few days of work. then will you need to slice/ make parts transparent so you can look inside? was the model designed for this? (that particular model would need some work.) Some features animations, textures, on even bought models may not work with blender without work.

This all depends how complicated you want to go.
You may have to become or hire a blender artist to make this work… depending on exactly what you’re trying to do. Or just give it a shot.

Thanks a lot my friend you helped me lot.