Using Blender to create graphic novels/comis

It’s important to understand the reward avenue aspects if that has any importance. I made this in 2009 and at that time Kickstarter was new and I was approved to make a project with a game and comic. They told me to list all the rewards I would give which i had no interest in, and at that time I must have read something about ebeggars and dropped it. So then I made it a free Android comic which may have helped my paid app sales.

The main thing is hustling at comic conventions which I also have absolutely no interest or ability in. I’m still trying to figure out a way to make money and not have to meet or mingle with people, so in that aspect I am hobbled :smiley: Also don’t forget trademarks, if you see your project name popping up somewhere else it stings,:smiley: at the time I was just wanting to ‘get it out there’.

I’m pretty jaded with comics but these are some good points to consider. I remember my old boss paid for me to sign at a con hotel etc and I couldn’t do it which is something I never considered. Additionally I’ve recently been toying the idea of animating my comic but then again I could do a great job but I would wreck myself physically and would probably only earn like 42 dollars on monetized youtube because I have no skill in this reward aspect. There is also the tale that if you go into a project expecting rewards, that it is destined for failure, and even that is a weird area to get hypnotized in.

Not for me, I get panic attack at this video

Great info! Thanks. I need to process it all, but I think it is everything I need. Much appreciated.

Doug Shear

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Yeah, a few posters have said it better than I ever could. Comics using generic poser/daz models are not that visually appealing. I am using Blender to aid my comics project, but I would never use raw renders of my model. I go to great length to hide the ‘3Dness’. There is still much to learn and do before I am satisfied. Blender helps a lot because my style is semi realism and I can use 3D head sculpts as quick reference and maintain consistency in likeness.