Using Blender to create Models for games

(Ender) #1

I am almost a hundred percent sure that this question has been asked before, but the forum had grown to such a collosal size, that trying to find the answer I’m looking for is just not feasible.
So I’m going to ask it again and apologize profusely in advance to any moderator or member who might take offence.

Is it possible to open .Blend files in a programming language? If so how? I want to use Blender to create the character and object 3d models.
If its not possible to open .Blend files, is there some other method to follow?

Please help.

(banana_sock) #2

you know you can create games in blender, right?

(Schlops) #3

Learn Python or take a look at the python&plugins-forum if there are export scripts that may help you.

(bgrav) #4

Ender, from what I see, you want to model, texture and animate the character you want in Blender then put into your own game or a game as part of a mod of whatever (if I am wrong with what I have said, sorry as the following uses the above assumption)

From personal experience in trying to make a character for Half-Life in 3dsMAX, you need an exporter that will convert the model (i.e. mesh, material and animation information) into the native format of the game that it is designed for. If the character is for your own game and you haven’t made it in Blender, then you will have to write an exporter which will convert the .blend into your format that you program into your game (e.g. .mdl for HL). This requires the taking up of python scripting.

If you have programming experience, I have heard python will not be hard to learn. Learn how to access the mesh information etc. of the .blend and how to convert it to what you want. I think it will be extremely hard unless you have alot of 3D knowledge…

If the character is for a wide-spread game, have a search around for an exporter that will convert the .blend to what you want, but I don’t like your chances.

Hope I could help (I know it is a bit all over the place)

(endi) #5

At my workplace we work on a PS2 game and I use Blender to make modells and UV-texturing. I use an export script to export the modell to 3dMAX. And the animator/level maker uses my modells.