Using Blender to edit motion capture data?

I just purchased Brekel Pro Body and have been using it to try to animate a character walking, grabbing stuff and talking to other characters.

I am able to create decent mocap data but it could still use some processing to remove unwanted bone roll and sudden snapping of joints.

Problem is, because of the number of keyframes generated (one for each frame, per each bone) I have no idea how to edit these animations. I need a method for limiting the rotation of bones (over a range of frames) and the ability to smooth out snapping issues.

Does Blender posses any capability to edit this kind of mocap data in a convenient way?


Not sure if this will help, but you could try ‘Simplify fcurves’ by pressing space key in the fcurves window and searching for it and playing with the settings.

That’s not really enough to do, blazraidr. When dealing with motion capture, some times you will have to dive in and straighten it out bone by bone. Delete the keyframes that are causing the issue and adjust the rest. Of course, you could just go back and try it again on recording the actions.

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