Using Blender with a Tablet

I really hate having to hold a button and then press another because I have to use my pen hand too to do this. It’s uncomfortable, slow and messes with my workflow. I’ve been checking out Blender 2.8 short keys and what I realized is that like 60% of the single press keys aren’t even used. Like there is CTRL/ALT + P but just pressing P does nothing in Object/3D View. For tablet use I’d rather have a pie menu where when I press P and then just go up for “make parent” and go down for “clear parent”. I’d like to have a tablet mode that removes all button holds, Or even better customizable roster selection and pie menues that I can open with a press of one of my tablet keys. So I don’t have to use the keyboard at all. I’m much faster with a pen click or gesture and opening custom menus like that would make working with blender just awesome.

Blender 2.8s interface change is already much better for tablet use but I’d like to see a much better tablet support in blende 2.8x. Does anybody feel the same? Is this somethign worth pursuing?

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I absolutely agree that it would be awesome to be able to use Blender better with a tablet and lesser reliance on shortcuts. Let me get this clear, I don’t want the shortcuts workflow to go away, as it can really help speed up one’s workflow, but it would be nice if using them was not absolutely required, and there were some pie menus that could be activated via a pen button or by touch.

Although I use a normal wacom tablet and keyboard combo at the moment, I’m thinking about getting a 2-in-1 laptop in the future, and when the machine is folded, there is no way to use the keyboard. In this state, setting up a pen button to open on screen pie menus is necessary to use Blender at all. 2.8 should improve this a little with all the on screen tool buttons, but there will still be a lot hidden away, and I think it would be great to have a setting for Blender to work better on such devices. Obviously only a small number of people have these kind of machines, so I wouldn’t expect the Blender Foundation to make a setup for Blender on tablets or 2-in-1 laptops, but it should be possible for users to create it.

As for myself what i found the most annoying with my tablet setup is that it is bellow my keyboard and fortunately i have the small size intuos 5 since with a medium my workspace would be nonfunctional.

The way i set it up give me 2 sets of pie menu, the one that come with Wacom and the addons from Blender so i have everything i need under the touch of a button.

I also use a space navigator and with this kind of setup i have a serious productivity boost and after 17 years in the field if i was having a big company i would buy one for each workstation since there is at least a 30% speed boost and i am not kidding.

Another non negligible advantage is that it is removing a lot of strain on the wrist and forearm making you almost RSI proof.

Finger acrobatics are what often interrupts workflow and indeed should be removed.
Some that have been ingrained into us since the beginning of PC times like ctrl-c,ctrl-a,ctrl-v,shift-s etc. should remain though as they count as muscle memory,can be done with one hand and are not that much of a stretch.

I for instance have my left hand on the keyboard, while using the pen in the right.
Any shortcut I can’t reach with only the fingers on my left hand are disrupting indeed.

So, TL;DR I agree.

Does pressure sensitivity work in 2.8 with windows ink devices? I remember it was broken the last time I used it.