Using Blender with OS X accessibility Zoom

Hey everybody!

I have a question about using Blender with the OS X zoom function.

My eyesight is not that good, so i need to use the OS X zoom function found in the accessibility settings. The problem is that Blender gets messed up if the screen is zoomed in. It works otherwise fine, but if you are zoomed in and start to manipulate and object (i.e. rotate, scale, move…), the object gets messed up.

This is hard to explain, but you can try it out by going to settings -> accessibility and turn the Zoom function on in OS X. Then open blender, zoom in (not in the blender view, but the OS X zoom), select and object and try to manipulate it.

Is there anything that can be done to fix this? I tried the free version of Maya, and that works fine with the zoom. But it´s way too expensive for a hobby tool…

Thanks in advance!