Using Blenders GUI Toolkit in a game

Does anyone know if it is possible to use blenders nice floating toolbars and other widgets in a game? If so how would you go about it?

I should add that the game itself does not need to be comiled to a standalone binary - its fine for it to run inside blender.

no im afraid its not possible :frowning:

Damn. I was worried that would be the case.

How about other Python widget toolkits like wxWindows or FLTK?

Alternatively, is anyone working on such a thing at the moment?

if you’re going that far… might as well write your game entirely in python and use pyopengl and wxwidgets and a python interface to ODE or something

In the end I switched to OGRE. It is awesome! Not only does it allow me to import Blender mesh and scene data, but it has full support for HLSL, GLSL and nVidia Cg shaders and materials and meshs can be sourced from external files (or streams!). The results I can get out of it are amazing. Plus it has full support for overlays that makes for nice GUI building. In fact, using Crazy Eddies GUI (which has an OGRE renderer) makes for some very nice skinnable GUI possibilities.

Its well worth a look for anyone interested in a graphics engine with a bit more power than Blenders (at least at the moment because I hear rumblings that OGRE is to replace Blenders current GE!). Check it out at

If you want to incorporate physics and sound you’ll need some extra libraries but nevertheless, there are several out there that will do the job.

Hey MW, Do you have any examples of your own that you can show why you went with Ogre?

Yeah. Actually I’m using for work at the moment and its somewhat commercially sensitive. However I will post some screenshots of the stuff I did while learning how OGRE worked. There are also many examples that come with OGRE so you can get some pretty high end stuff going with very little work. Plenty of screenshots on their website too.