Using "Boids" Particles in Blender 2.8

I saw that there was a request from people to learn a little more on how “Boids” work, so I put together a small tutorial showing how you can use boid AND do a small Star Wars chase thing with it ;).

“Boid” Tutorial for Blender 2.8


I Notice that you jump the avoid collision and avoid in the boid barin settings? Do you not know how to get that to work properly?

I do know how it works :slight_smile:, but I cut a part of the tutorial because there where disturbing cars in the background when I recorded.
Anything you would like to know about it?

There is some problem using the avoid collision, it seams like the boids do not react to avoid collision in the set time, cant really say if there is ant difference setting it to 2 vs 10 secs

It seams like one gets better results when checking global coordinates, do i get some collision teleport&snap now and then.

I don’t know your total setting, but avoid collision and “follow the leader” conflicts in many situations if you have them both in the boid brain… so it could be one reason. Could you take a screen dump on the parameters and I will have a look at it (wont be until Monday, because I will be offline and away this werkend).

I will post you my WIP and try to make some kind of clarification how i made it work to my liking.