using both hands?

I found a tutorial about how to pick up and drop objects and while I didn’t initially understand it, I eventually got it to work.

…but what if you want to use both hands on the object in two different locations? …and you want to animate the object and have it move the hands instead of the other way around?

Here is what I want to do. I have this little robot that I have rigged. I’ve already done an animation with him picking up a toolbox, but now I want to have him use a push broom. I was thinking that if I could just somehow parent the hands to the broom and animate the broom, the hands would follow. Maybe this is the wrong approach, but it seems like it would be easier than trying to animate two hands with two different grips in two different locations on the handle of the broom.

Any thoughts on this situation?

No responses, but I have a possible solution. What if I “rigged” the broom somehow or other, with bones that are set up as children of bones in the hands that will be holding it?

To get this to work the way you want, you’re going to need IK on your arms. From there, you parent your IK targets to the broom. When you animate the broom, the arms should follow.

Yup, that’s kind of what I just figured out…sort of. What I did was to use an empty as the IK target, one for each hand, then I vertex parented the empties each to two different spots on the broom, then grabbed the broom and moved it and the hands followed. Thank you for your reply, tho, I will try that one too, it might be simpler.