using bpy in the game engine

simple Question:

i plan to use bpy in the game engine for creating meshes for the VideoTexture Module-
Everytime i read something about that, people say, that one should not use bpy in the game engine.

  • What problems will be excepted?
  • does it work in the runtime/.exe file aswell? (this is important…)

Whats the reason to avoid it?

The reason is that it only work inside blender - it do not work in the BGE standalone and it do not work in an exe run-time.

ah, ok thanks for reply…
But then a problem occurs, that i must think about…
How to create meshes in realtime? ( i know , an old question, and i know its not possible… )
Maybe there is a workaround for that?

You can’t use bpy to make meshes in game anyway - they are only created after the game ends.
The only option you have is either:
Replace Mesh
or create a mesh with a lot of vertices, and deform them to the positions

The second method that agoose mentioned is most likely to work. I wouldn’t think that it’d be too bad if you have low-poly objects, like under 1 or 2 thousand polygons. You can move the vast majority of the faces away from the camera and move the model’s faces up. You’d still have to deal with texturing, though.