Using Camera in a Linked Group?

Is is possible to use a camera that exists in a linked file?

Right now I created a simple camera setup in a separate Blender file. I made the camera part of a group, added an instance of that group, and then chose the linked camera as the camera for my scene.

The problem is that, when I press “0”, I’m not seeing the scene from the camera’s point of view, I’m seeing it from the point of view of the instance point.

I suspected that this is because the camera (like all linked object) doesn’t actually get added to the scene until after the game begins. I tried to test this by creating a “Keyboard Sensor” -> “Set Scene (Set Camera)”, but the results were the same.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

As far as i know, the only way to set the camera to a linked in one is to use python. Its quite short:

import bge
cam = [o for o in bge.logic.getCurrentScene().cameras if == 'cameranamehere'][0]
bge.logic.getCurrentScene().active_camera = cam

Just insert the name of the camera object to the right place in the script, and then use the python logic brick to run it.

Thank you very much, that clears things up.