Using camera tracking(v.2.31a)

The problem I am having is when I select both the main object and the camera then hit CTRL-T>>Constraint, the camera always point down. It does not point directly at the object.
Here is the file:

Can anyone help in explaining how to fix that? :-?

If you chose the Constraint option from the Ctrl-T menu, go to the Object buttons (F7) and edit the Up and Track axis for the constraint.


thanks, that fix the problem.

On a related note, when using the ¨track to’ constraint with a camera fallowing a path… let’s say that the camera travels the path but you want it allways looking to a fixed point, regardless of the path… then the old track won’t work and you’need to use the constraint… but you will also need to alter the order in wich both constraints of the cammera are procesed.

If you lef them in the default way then the path will have total control over the orientation of the camera, but if you reverse the constraint processing order then the path only controls the location of the camera while the tracking constraint controls where the cammera is looking. In a nutshell, the ¨Fallow Path¨ constraint should be on top of the ¨Track to¨ constraint.

This is very handy when you are making models ¨fly-by¨ animations and you want to keep the object allways centered in the screen.

Constraint are evaluate in the order they have in the list.
You can reorder constraint by minimizing them and clicking on the header.