Using Cloth sim for Realistic muscle movement?

Hi, guys, I saw This video by Daniel Bystedt I saw in the middle part how he used a Cloth sim to make the muscle and skin movement more realistic and I was wondering if there is a more in-depth tutorial on this or if someone could explain exactly how he did this. Thanks beforehand for any responses.

I think he put cloth sim on mesh and weight paint influence of cloth simulation, then he used corrective smooth modifier to get a bit smooth effect. Pretty simple, but as you can see very impressive way to add realism to animation. :slight_smile:

Thanks For the quick reply and helpful answer

NP. Personnaly I am impressed aswell with such technique. I love simple solutions giving great results. But in my current project i went hard way, I am simulating muscles and tissue via bendy bones with jiglle addon. It give me great result as well, tho it’s much harder to build muscle skeleton comparing with cloth simulation and weight painting. Maybe next project i will give a try with clothsim workaround. thanks to Daniel sharing his tricks! :slight_smile:

Could u possibly show your project that u made this other way?