using Compositing nodes on videos loaded in the Video Sequence Editor

How do I make Compositing nodes affect videos loaded in the Video Sequence Editor? For example I want to invert the colors of a video file or apply glow filter to a video file I already have by using Blender. How can I do that?

I already have “Use Nodes” on and “Sequencer” selected in the “Post processing” tab. What am I missing?

You cannot feed the compositing nodes into the VSE

In the VSE you can use Shift+A / Add Effect Strip

In the compositing node editor you can use a Shift+A / Input / Movie Clip node instead of the Render Layer node to load in already rendered clips

Great replies. Thanks!

There is a script to send strips to a comp scene. You then replace the source strip with the new scene strip.

Do check the strip modifiers first they may achieve what you want without using nodes.

Anyway here is a tutorial on the script’s use:

It’s not a matter of debate if you cared to read what is written.
It says composite output to VSE. One direction and VSE is the endpoint.

I haved the same question.
I found the answer on this forum, don’t remember well where.

I’m doing like this:
1- You have to edit your main video (use de video editor) on the lets call “scene_01”
2- You create news scenes to your diferentes footage or sequences and add them like strips on “scene_01”
On each scene you can use the node compositor to adjust your sequence as you like.

hope i explain my self.