Using Compositor with Sequence Editor


How do I ffed the output of the Sequence Editor to the compositor, or add a compositor output to the sequence editor??

Thank you in advance!


VSE -> Compositor, no can do. (Wish!)

Compositor -> VSE – use the “Scene” input option in the VSE, choose the Scene that has the Compositor setup you want, and be sure to enable “Do Composite” in the Render context<Anim panel.

Thanks for the quick response!!

So the composite is the output of a scene if you choose “Do Composite”. If I depress “Do Sequence” I assume what happens is that the Render, including the composite id the input to the scene, and the output is render->composite->sequence (with scene render outputs in the channels)

yup, we all have to wait to see 2.5 goodness to see if that changes.

You’ll probably have to experiment a bit to get the best way to combine Scene and other kinds of strips in the VSE. AFAIK it’s treated like any other kind of input.

BTW, I think you can also use Scene as an input for rendered images, apart from using the Compositor, for example if you do a text object animation you want overlayed on some other VSE strip content. The “Do Composite” button pipes the Scene through whatever nodes are set up and requires a Composite Node as the final “spout,” but if it’s not enabled, Blender will look for a current Camera in the Scene and whatever it sees will go to the VSE via Scene. If no Camera is there, and Do Composite isn’t enabled, Blender gives an error message when Scene is used in the VSE.

vse->file->compositor yes