Using Copy location and rotation constraints -> bone angles

I have a rig, it uses ik solvers to match a rigid body rag-doll, however, the rag-doll pieces are already rotated how they are meant to be anyway, but I am having issues with worldspace vs pose space,

does anyone know how I can have bones copy location and orientation of a object without using a IK solver?

this will drop my scenegraph usage to almost nothing,

Ok, track to appears to work,

Edit never mind, now it’s the right thigh that is twisting strangely,

to copy exactly a object in worldSpace should work “copy transform” , [world space] <-> [world space]
(should copy also the scale)

Yeah, it does not work though,

I think it has something to do with pose space for bones, but I am unsure

it’s 90 degrees off it seems,

I tried parenting a empty to the rigid body and then using that, so I could rotate it, but things are still odd,