Using curve mapping


does anyone know of an addon that makes use of “curve mapping”, or have an example of how to create/assign such property ? Could it be done like adding a bool or float property ?

Few examples:

  • adding a RGB/Hue curve in the Image Editor to correct an image;
  • controlling the taper along a curve mesh;
  • controlling intensity like color ramp can do;
  • [insert any random idea here]…

Basically, is it possible to do such things through Python ? If so, how ?

There is no property that could store an bpy.types.CurveMapping instance, so you can’t use it with python, unless you hijack an existing curve mapping and show it elsewhere.

but I think it can be done with nodes !
like adding color ramp or a rgb curve node in cycles

happy bl


Damn, so this is how my hijacking career begins…


Chances are, you’re off-topic. Sorry to break the ice on this one. Unless you’re talking about PyNodes, but in this case I think there is still some limitations regarding the use/creation of RGB Curves and ColorRamps from external data (LuxBlend, for instance, doesn’t have such nodes).

Anyway, I guess I’ll have to change the sources directly.

Thanks guys for your replies.