Using different shader/material depending on render engine

Is there a way to set up a material so that it uses different parameters or nodes based on which render engine is being used?

Yes. Give an object 1 custom property and name it “Eevee/Cycles”. Add a driver to it. That driver can control mix shaders to toggle between Eevee & Cycles materials. Watch some driver tutorials on YouTube and you’ll figure it out.

Thanks. Maybe that’s the best workaround, but I still have to manually switch the custom property right?

I was hoping for something that switched automatically so that in my viewport lookdev mode it would use one shader but in a full cycles render in used a different one.

there is much easier method
just decide which render engine goes to which material output


Ha! Awesome. So simple and obvious - can’t believe I missed that :rofl:
I even googled for an answer figuring somebody must have encountered this situation, but couldn’t find anything. Now I see why…
Thanks for taking the time to answer my dumb question.