Using drivers with animation

With the new depsgraph do you guys think it is practical to use drivers to create custom constraints between bones for animation? I’m wondering if the performance of drivers set up in similar fashion to constraints, at all compare to constraints themselves. I’m not very well versed in internal structure of Blender but I’m imagining constraints are much better optimized for the work they do?

I haven’t done any profiling but drivers are probably much, much slower. They also need several layers of bones (offset groups) where constraints can stack up on a single bone, which means your rig is going to have more bones, hence slower to evaluate. I would try to stick to the current constraint system as much as possible until we get rigging nodes…

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Not knowing anything about the performance side, I would agree none the less. But more along the lines of simply the tool for the job. A driver is what it says it is. It drives something.

And then +1 on rigging nodes as a better overall approach. Rigging nodes also have a history in other apps like XSI and of course Houdini. And another one I am forgetting, I think maybe Modo.

Rigging nodes would be great, something similar to Maya maybe. I with they exposed more attributes also, like inverse bind matrices for bones and such. Have you heard anything about any plans to implement the nodes? I’m guessing they are going to use the existing constraint system for this.

Yeah it’s planned, but they’re not properly working on it yet. Hopefully they go low-level, but I’m rather confident with Jacques Lucke at the wheel.

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We have Animation Nodes - unless your reffering to something different
Disclaimer: only ever used Blender.

Unless I am completely missing something, I don’t think you can actually rig bone constraints with Animation Nodes yet. You can get info from an Armature. Meaning you can take transforms from bones but you can’t actually go in and add constraints to the bones and drive the bones yet. That will take an entirely different level of sophistication and features to be useful for rigging.

Hey, @clockmender wrote/coded this a couple years ago, I thought they were going to put in A/N, but maybe they haven’t, IDK

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@Richard_Culver They haven’t, He who is in charge of AN now does not like my work and has never included any of it. But, you can still download the bones nodes and the bone socket and install them yourself, you don’t need all the nodes, if you are struggling, I can provide an install for just the bone nodes. I can even make a menu with them included.

Cheers, Clock.


Thanks for the update. I had no idea this was going on in the background.

But I think the idea is to come up with a complete rigging set for AN. That is how I understand the development plan.

At any rate, thanks for the great work - I have always know you to do - and thanks for posting the offer for help. :slight_smile:


I don’t know about that, it would be strange to do something in Nodes that would replace all the Armature development though. What I think we want is a complete set of Armature nodes in AN, or Everything Nodes… I am working on a complete Music (MIDI & Sound) Node set at them moment, to run in it’s own editor, not part of AN.

Cheers, Clock.

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