Using dupliverts to create a full ring/circle....

Ok, I’ve been having trouble for a while. I’m trying to create a full-circle ring using dupliverts in version 2.4.1 and I am having problems. So far, dupliverts have worked great for most of what I have needed but at this point, I need a full ring/torus shape that goes all the way around 360 degrees. However, it seems that I can’t do this thus far without a large gap being formed somewhere. I believe that this is the begginning and the end points and I can’t get them to connect, even by attempting to set the start and end points. Any ideas?

Spin is much easier for you purposes.


if not spin try this.

  1. in top view create a UV sphere.
  2. with veiw set to wire frame delete center most verts. 1 on top 1 on botom.
  3. still in top view and select 4 adjacent verts from the center and face them.
    2 on top and the 2 directly below them.
  4. repeate step 3 till you have a spere with a cylindrical hole in the center.
  5. hit smooth 3 to 5 times. you will have a torus.

Spin is probebly easier.