Using emission shader and transparency with Images as Planes

Hi, I’d love some help with this…

I’m using an image sequence which I’ve imported using the images as planes add on. The image sequence has transparency.

I would like to use an emission texture on the image, but preserve the transparency of the image sequence.

Is there a node setup which can do this? Here’s where I’m at so far…!

Thanks !!

Using eevee, to get the transparency on a material, you have to set the material to do that. If your image texture does have transparency (you can check in the UV editor), then this should work if you haven’t already done it. Not sure what the right setting would be but they will all work. You can experiment or look at the manual for guidance.

Hey, thanks a lot for your reply.

The problem I’m having is that by using the emission shaders, its overriding the transparency of the image sequence. How would I have both emission and the transparency working at the same time?


Maybe this setup will help?

It should just work, I think, if not try what @Fairesure has said.

sorry maybe not, try this:


On the more or less similar topic, I cannot for the life of me change the whole transparency of the image with " Image as Plane ", very useful for playing with blueprints.

And I need " Image as plane " and not " background " nor " reference " because I need to alter the mesh file image to fit properly.

Please help :wink:


Try this, adjust the factor in the mix shader.