Using extruded-along-path Nurb as collision surface

Hey yo.

I’m building a very simple racing game as a project to see what-all I can accomplish in the Blender Game Engine. I create a Bezier curve for the track path (circular and joined), then I create the profile of a track (flat line with walls to prevent escaping the path).

I set the path’s BevOb to be the profile, and it works fine - looks like I’ve got a nice track. When I press P, the track doesn’t show up in the game engine and my vehicle falls right through it anyway. So I converted the track to a mesh (used alt-C); now it shows up and collides properly, but it’s unlit (looks like a fullbright situation). When I render using F12, the track is properly lit; when I run the game, the vehicle is properly lit, but the track is not.

Figured out the problem.

My lamp is only illuminating the layer it’s in. There’s a button called ‘Layer’ that is very much NOT pressed (its tooltip is “Illuminates objects in the same layer as the lamp only”), but it’s acting as though it is pressed. I’m using a Hemi lamp. Is this a known bug or am I just doing it wrong? :o

And yeah, I realize this is no longer game-engine specific. >…<