Using .fbx exporter for XNA

I’ve very recently started looking at blender again after a couple of years doing other things. My interest is with xbox 360 development, so I am taking a look at how the .fbx exporter has been improved and am looking to replace my existing md5 based workflow to use .fbx.

To start with, I decided to take a simple standard model and to that end chose to use the rat from the yofrankie svn repo. The file in question is rat_actions.blend in the chars directory.

I figured out pretty early on that because it uses a proxy, there are 2 rigs in the code and that causes issues when exporting. So, to get around that, I select the non-proxy object and export that without animation (i.e. just rig and mesh). I then select the proxy object and export just the animations. In all cases I selected the ‘xna strict options’ in the exporter.

To view the exported model, I used the model-prep app:

The model of the rat loads fine and looks great. When I load the animations though, it is a mess. The rest pose is fine but all the animations are seriously messed up. It looks like there is a rotation or transformation too many in there.

Can anyone help with what I am doing wrong?



I’ve never exported anything to XNA and I haven’t checked the rat in question. But if you have control armature and actual deforming armature then you may want to export only the optimized deforming armature with animations and mesh. I guess the other rig is only for animator and is never intended to reach a game engine of any kind.

Maybe you can try the normal FBX exporter and see what you get.

More likely to get XNA specific answers on the XNA forums. Unfortunately I have never tested a model with more than one armature.

I would suggest deleting one of the armature and then making sure the animations still play in Blender. Export using just the rig that still works.


Has the Yofranke rig actually been updated for blender 2.59 given the many animation changes that have been made to 2.5 since yofrankie was released. Have you tried a rig that you know works correclty with the version of blender you are using. Also read the fbx exporter wiki for notes on compatibility

The reason there are 2 armatures is that the model and armature is linked to another .blend file … so one is a ‘proxy’. As I understand it, they are both exactly the same … it’s just that the exporter exports both of them rather than just the proxy one. I don’t think that is the issue though - I think there is some rotation or something in the bones that should not be there.
The exporter is the normal FBX one … I’m using 2.59 and in that version they are unified.

I plan to look at the animation in some other FBX tools later … just need to find one that can deal with the model being in a different file than the actual animation.

I don’t know … but the animation looks just fine in blender itself, so I assume it is ok.

So I think the issue is that the exporter exports both the original linked armature and the proxy armature when it should really just export the proxy one in this case. I don’t know if that is a general case or not - I suspect it would be an issue whenever the mesh / rigging is in one blender file and the actions are in another.
I’ll have a hack at the python when I get time to confirm that is the issue.