Using file output node for video feedback - can it be done?

Blender has got a node that outputs an image file. Brillient! I thought: I can use this for video feedback effects: have it export an image each frame, that is then loaded by blender next frame.

I could use this image either as a texture, to create the same effect as pointing a camera at it’s own monitor, or in the node tree for some kind of video ecco effect.

Only - if I render video it puts the frame number after the filename. Then it won’t load it.

Is there any way I can get it to NOT number the image? (btw you have to tick “free images textures” in the render buttons “performance” tab so that the image gets loaded each frame. I mean this still doesn’t work, but that is needed as well)

I don’t think that Blender likes recursion errors the way you do :wink: if the file hasn’t been written how can it load the frame?

Sorry - a little fault in my explaining I think.

It does write a frame - but it calls it image0001 for frame 1, image0002 for frame 2, etc…

This means it doesn’t load the right image into Blender next frame…

you know - I think I may have found a way round this—

  • Before starting use VSE to create a series of tiny, empty PNGs (they’re just dummies) starting at frame 0 if your scene starts frame 1.
  • Load them into Nodes, or a Texture as an image file seqence.
  • Set an output node with the same filename
  • On frame 1 it will read frame 0 and save over frame 1, on frame 2 it will read frame 1 and save over frame 2…

(yet to try…)

Did you find out ? I’m interested…

I’m afraid I didnt… no. Your welcome to try.

I’m pretty sure I have seen this has been done and you only need an initial dummy frame with placeholder name. You have to use the compositor though, then iterate over the subsequent named files.