Using file output node for video feedback - can it be done?

Blender has got a node that outputs an image file. Brillient! I thought: I can use this for video feedback effects: have it export an image each frame, that is then loaded by blender next frame.

I could use this image either as a texture, to create the same effect as pointing a camera at it’s own monitor, or in the node tree for some kind of video ecco effect.

Only - if I render video it puts the frame number after the filename. Then it won’t load it.

Is there any way I can get it to NOT number the image? (btw you have to tick “free images textures” in the render buttons “performance” tab so that the image gets loaded each frame. I mean this still doesn’t work, but that is needed as well)

I don’t think that Blender likes recursion errors the way you do :wink: if the file hasn’t been written how can it load the frame?

Sorry - a little fault in my explaining I think.

It does write a frame - but it calls it image0001 for frame 1, image0002 for frame 2, etc…

This means it doesn’t load the right image into Blender next frame…

you know - I think I may have found a way round this—

  • Before starting use VSE to create a series of tiny, empty PNGs (they’re just dummies) starting at frame 0 if your scene starts frame 1.
  • Load them into Nodes, or a Texture as an image file seqence.
  • Set an output node with the same filename
  • On frame 1 it will read frame 0 and save over frame 1, on frame 2 it will read frame 1 and save over frame 2…

(yet to try…)

Did you find out ? I’m interested…

I’m afraid I didnt… no. Your welcome to try.