using file paths for material/object names

I remember reading about this some time ago somewhere but a search didn’t reveal anything.

I’m currently using belnder as a modelling tool for some external games (Doom 3 at present) and the following issue has cropped up. The formats supported by D3 are primarily LWO and ASE which Blender exports to. ASE isn’t a problem as file paths to assets can be edited in NotePad… LWO on the otherhand is as it gets the ‘file path to assets’ info from either the material name or the material/object link (can’t remember which) or so I’ve been told.

The problem here is that Blender only has allowence for about 20 characters (I think that’s the limit…) or so in the text input fields which isn’t enough when paths like the following are common…


Is there a way around this, or is the limit hardcoded for the time being? Is there any current info on whether the limit going to be increased to allow much longer ‘names’; I’ve not heard or read anything more to do with this since I originally found the info almost 18 months + ago?

Thanks in advance for an comments.