Using Final Cut Pro and Blender

Basically I have some videos that I want to work on. I’ll be doing the main editing in Final Cut Pro and want to use the compositing features that Blender offers. The problem is there is not much documentation out for it that I can find.

What is the optimal way to get my (standard definition) footage from FCP into Blender for compositing and final touch up? Which codec should I export my footage in or should I just save it as a Quicktime video? I’m really not sure on this, any help would be appreciated.

Are you working with 16-bit? If not then I would export your movie as an image sequence and load it into Blender that way. I always work with image sequences because if a program crashes you can pick up from the frame number where it crashed.

The easiest would probably be to dump it out to an image sequence. That way you don’t loose any colour data (assuming you use a lossless image format) due to video compression. You’ll need all the colour data you can get if you want compositing to look good. Especially if your sources are standard digital video, most of which encode using a YV12 planer colour space if I remember correctly. (i.e. the chrominance depth and resolution suck)