Using Firefox 3 beta? Only you can see the animation.

The PNG format has an extension to its specification known as APNG which is similar the MNG format, but better. If you are viewing this post in Firefox 3 beta, you’ll see an animation. If you aren’t using it, you’ll simply see a static frame. This is meant to be a replacement for the gif animated format and is completely open source.

wow… it goes round… and round… and round… and round :smiley:

love it :slight_smile:
and haha to all the lesser browsers :wink:


I also use Firefox 3.

yeah. The css suport, the box model…sadly all that I have to keep the fights and underpowered css for ie 6…(when will it dissapear for the masses…grr, something as important as a .whatEver input [type=“submit”] {…} you can’t do in ie6… no png transparency,(I also do the art, and that tiny crap is so non convenient…) and a bazillion more things…that and its rendering bugs, its many many bugs, and its even more bugs…While I love using windows, can’t stand that browser, as a web making sufferer I am…)

Am salivating for ff 3…didn’t know was out already…

btw, I know well mng, have several tools for it as use for my game development… APNG better than mng…? Will check it…

whee! i see the foxy spinning :smiley:

will gimp and blender have support for apng? =)

meantime, looks like there’s a firefox addon for that… :

edit: you would make your render as PNGs, surely as RGBA to keep the alpha

Havent tried.

Mozilla is also adding SMIL support, although I doubt it will be ready for the initial FF3 release. SMIL is animated SVGs. I wish that some of the GUI libraries would add support for SMIL. It would be kind of cool to have animated window icons.

Better examples using alpha transparency.

Grrr! I just downloaded FF3 beta2 to try this out and it crashes every single time as soon as I open it. :frowning: I’m typing this from my mom’s computer and now I’m going to have to re-download FF2 and walk it over to my machine on a USB key. sigh Guess I’ll just have to wait for the stable release.

APNG works on opera 9.5 beta also.

Wow, opera render’s APNGs really nicely…FF is probably the same anyway…Is there a way to compile an APNG animations in linux? I don’t think blender supports it atm.

I…don’t fully understand…I mean…APNG Edit which I mentioned is a firefox extension…It should be able to put in your Linux, isn’t it ? As extensions work in FF in linux as well…(but i haven’t tried this addon…) :

I think from same person here’s an online assmebler… :

Thanks for that link. I just didn’t want to use Firefox to make apngs.

Is there a way of running APNG Edit on it’s own, without having to open firefox first? Maybe this can be done using xulrunner?

i dunno…but it’s probably a matter of time that Imagemagick or ffmpeg end up being able to output an APNG from whatever the bunch of pngs…which could possibly rock… For now, I have no probs using ffox for that but…Have you checked if the website of the author of teh assemble has as well an open sourced library for this all? I simply didnt look at, I myself use old MNG for production work(games), and works…But this new thing sounds very cool.

Well, this finally convinced me to try the beta. I can’t say I had a first good impression of it though – it autorefreshed on me while I was hacking at the 'pedia :stuck_out_tongue: