Using Fly command in 2.43

In version 2.42a I was able to use the “Fly” command (Shift + F) from camera view both with and without “Track to Constrain” (Control + T) enabled. When “Track to Constrain” was enabled and I would scroll with the mouse wheel, the camera would fly around the tracked object always keeping it in view in the center of the camera view rectangle. When I try this in version 2.43, I get an error message “Cannot fly an object with restraints”. So in 2.43, how does one fly around the object keeping it centered in the camera view? Michael

i am pretty sure they took that out (think it;s in the release notes)

you can split your window into 2 views with a “track to” - look through one and grab the camera from the other

Thanks waylow,
I’ll give it a try. Michael