Using Freestyle on meshes with transparency

I’m attempting to do a Freestyle render on a sunflower plant I downloaded. For the leaves the modeler used a flat plane with an alpha channel in order to show the shape of the leaf. Kinda like a hair card I guess. When I do the Freestyle render I get an outline around the plane rather than around the shape of the leaf. I wondered if there was a way to get Freestyle to outline the shape of the leaf. It would have to find the edge between the visible part of the texture and the alpha of the texture.

Is that possible?

I have not found a solution, so I am interested in anyone’s answer. I finally did a thin line stroke around the leaves in a paint program to match what I needed. It is something that should be solved.

I’m already contemplating a workaround but maybe some genius figured something out.

You could add an outline to the texture…

I don’t think it’s possible… you’ll have to incorporate the outline into the image texture as suggested by others, or model the leaves as actual mesh objects in order to get Freestyle to do it for you.

These are all good suggestions. Thanks everyone. Different options may be better or worse depending on the particular layout of the scene. Since I’m doing stills rather than animation I’ll also try rendering the flowers on a separate layer with only internal contour lines and allow my image editor to do main holding line. Could work. We’ll see.

Render with different Layers. One only for render strokes without the transparent stuff an on without freestyle. Put them together in the composition. This should work.