using game engine to render frames?

hi everyone!

i’d like to use the blender game engine to render my animation frames, perhaps even with motion blur support (the way it usually works, render n subframes and blend), to speed up the rendering process.

i know that the results look a lot less good than with blenders rendering engine, but it would be a really handy way to do previews and render really simple projects that require no special lighting or raytracing setups.


See the section on the “render button” on this page:

It renders the view using OpenGL.

or look here. see #6.

rawpigeon: thanks will have a look.

J09: thank you, but that approach sucks. it does a screenshot(!) of the window, also the frames are not frame-by-frame.

If you hold the control key whilst you click the window preview button, it renders sequentially to the output directory, just tried it, nice and fast - the frames can go into sequence editor or comp nodes too - really nice, thanks for reminding me…

how do you get those into comp nodes and sequence editor?

in the normal manner; for the sequence editor add a image sequence strip, choose your rendered images from the browser and place it on the timeline / for the comp nodes add an image input strip and choose your image seq from the browser (remember to set number of frames and auto frome advance)

It appears that in Blender 2.5, the preview also renders virtual objects like camera outlines, light outlines, even outlines of objects… how can I make sure that it only renders actual objects?