Using Group Node From Another Blend File

I have a glass node setup in Blend File A, and have named/grouped it with Cntrl/G. I would like to use this node setup with Blend File B. I open File B, go to File/Append, navigate to the NodeTree/Glass in Blend File A, and select Append From Library. Then, in the Node Editor window, I do Shift/A, select Group…and nothing’s there?

How can I transfer/use a Node Group Setup from one Blend file to another? Any advice sincerely appreciated! I’ve followed numerous tutorials (I think) and can’t get this done???

Shift+F1 to append the node group from the original file.
In node editor use Add / Group and select the appended node group.

Just tested and works as intended

Richard - My Shift+F1 causes Blender to slide left off screen, perhaps because I have two screens, or because I have a Mac?? Instead, I was using File/Append. Would this cause the issue? Otherwise, it’ just not working for me???

No issues. Append should work just as fine. Select the blender file, navigate to nodetrees (or nodegroups, i don’t recall correctly) and append the nodes you need.