Using Hair Particle System To Build Walls

Here are a few tests I’ve been playing with using a particle system to create walls.
I created a surface with vertices where I wanted the bricks to be and created a hair particle system, set the emit to verts, unchecked random and set the number of hairs to the number of vertices of the surface. Then I created a group of bricks and set the particle system to render the group. If you set the particles rotation to normal it will align the bricks to the surface. I applied a curve modifier to the emitter plane to get the curved wall. The mortar is just a duplicate of the emitter plane with a diplacement modifier applied.
One advantage over using dupliverts is that you can add a random rotation to the bricks/particles to create the more rough looking brickwork.

Creative, I like it! I might use this in the future.

Well done, and thanks! :smiley: