Using halos in game

How would I go about using a halo in the game engine?

I.e. to make a laser or lightsaber in a game.

Is it possible? If not, whats the best alternative?

Thank you.

It is not possable to use halo materials in the game engine. So the best alternative is to:

#1: Make a plane
#2: Assign an alpha texture to it (you can make this texture by rendering an RGBA image of a single vertex with a halo material on it)

Here’s a tut:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Alright, I’ll look at it…

WOW! I’m not even sure I understand how i works but its pretty cool.

Thx man.

No problem. And here’s a little fire system I rigged up a while ago. Just hit “P” to play.


FireSystem.blend (107 KB)