using HDRI in blender

I have tried the tutorials on YafRay’s site and on BioRust site, on using hdri pics in blender but failed to get result.
I have blender 2.37 and yafray 0.0.7 and now yafray 0.0.8

The steps I followe:-
1> Started blender.
2> earased the cube.
3> added an uvsphere & a plane
4> went to World buttons by pressing F8
5> clicked ‘add new’ in ‘texture and input’ tab.
6> pressed F6 to goto Texture buttons
7> changed texture type to Image.
8> loaded a hdri image.
9> Render tab .
10> changed render engine to yafray
11> In yafrarGI tab changed method to SkyDome (also tried Full) and quality to medium (also tried with best).

The image gets rendered within 2-3 seconds on my P4 but there is effect no of the hdri image.
I then deleted the lamp and re-rendered; the picture came up black, as it should if there are no lights. HDRI just having no effect! I tried different hdri pics. I downloaded these pics from a site, they were in a zip file.
Some of the file names from this zip are uffizi_probe.hdr, beach_probe.hdr, etc.

AND do you know of a good hdri picture viewer?

In the yafray command window you should see…

Loading image file blah blah.hdr
Added image background blah.

In the World settings make sure you have “Hori” activated in the “Map To” panel

Then check the command window when Yafray runs for the above info.

Ricky Dee


ardee I tried ur suggestion.
Thanks, there is some improvement now, but the result is weird. The the sphere and the planes are all grainy even in ‘Best’ setting.

read the HDRI part of this tutorial:

I hope this helps!

Hi guys,

Just read this thread which interests me, because I thought it wasn’t possible to use HDRI files in Blender.

I tried this tutorial step by step, and while it’s a good help, I also have very grany results, is this normal ?



Nevermind it works, I forgot to enable the cache button :Z

This is actually fantastic, never tought this was possible in Blender, did I say I’m an happy man :smiley:

cheers and thanks,