Using Hooks and lattices

Hey, I can’t find any tutorial on using hooks or lattices, think you can help me? Thanls a lot!

it’s in the release notes and documentation at, but in brief, to apply a hook, select a vertce, or group of vertices, and press ctrl H. that will add a hook. now when you move the hook, those vertices will move. if you move your object, but not the hook, those vertices will stay fixed to the hook. so, if you want a mobile hook, just parent it to the mesh that it is attached to. great for keyframing in subtle expressions and stuff without going to the trouble of making rvks, though hooks are certainly not a replacement for RVKs imo. for lattices, just parent an object to one, and when you move the vertices of the lattice in edit mode, it will deform the object that is parented to it. you can animate a lattice in much the same way as you animate RVKs. ( relative vertex keys ) and there are a number of tutorials on that. one of my favorites is in the news and chat forum, authored by iaminnocent. there is another in the general forum by luckybreak, and yet another on both lattice and rvks at the blenderchar website which can be accessed from a sticky thread in the animation forum.