Using hooks with armature cloth issue

I am trying some simple cloth simulation where the cloth is attatched to an armature and is deformed by that for a few frames, then a hand grabs the cloth where I should run a simulation using a hook to simulate the grabbing.

The problem with this is the hook pinned vertex of the cloth that is attached to the hook doesn’t line up with the hook object when the armature deform modifier is active. The vertex is deformed by the armature and then by the hook resulting in it being way out of place.

The only way I have found around this is to tell the armature not to deform the pinned vertex however for the first few frames I do want the armature to deform this vertex, so thats not really a solution.

I would upload a file but new users aren’t allowed.
Any ideas? Thanks.

I’d wonder, if you’re just hooking a single vertex, with no apparent falloff, why not make a bone for that vertex instead of using the hook?

Otherwise, a good alternative to a hook for multi-deforms like this is a warp modifier. It allows use of both “from” and “to” empties, so you move the “rest” position for the modifier so that the warp happens in a space appropriate to the armature-deformed mesh.

Thanks, I’ll give warp a try and let you know how it goes.

Ok so warp is slightly better although I think I’m doing something wrong.
I create an empty then parent it to the vertex I want to pin. I then create another empty (to) and parent it to the first empty (from).

This is okay but the vertex then moves only half the distance so I need to multiply it by 2. This is because as the warp deforms the vertex, it updates the original empty.

Is this what you had in mind or is there an easier way?

I’m not sure what you mean by “as the warp deforms the vertex it updates the original empty.” If you’re trying to vertex parent your empties to your mesh, you just cannot do that, because it is a dependency loop. That’s true regardless of technique, hook or warp or anything else. (You can parent them to a bone in the armature though.)

Probably the best thing to do here is to upload a file demonstrating what you’re trying that doesn’t work.

I was creating a dependency loop by parenting the empty to the cloth mesh which is definitely wrong but it has given me the best result so far.

I have tried parenting to the armature and that works pretty well though doesn’t line up exactly. Not a big issue though so thanks!

I would like to upload a file but new users aren’t allowed. I think you solution is as close as I’ll get so I’ll mark it as solved.

Here’s a screenshot for future reference of the setup. As you can see the empty is off but this is no doubt due to the skinning of the cloth.

Thanks again bandages.