Using "I" in edit showing the value moved

Hi All,
I’ve been following a tut where the instructor used the “I” key to inset or extrude a face. His shows a math value.
I would like the same, when I do separate objects to have them match.

How to turn this feature on?

on the left in the tool shelf there is a field where you can input numerical values.

That’s not the value of the inset but the area of the polygon, naturally it changes as you drag… You can enable it in the Nproperties panel (hit N) and check the area box in face info/ mesh display. The actual inset distance value can be seen in the header for the 3D view. As Modron mentioned you can enter this number manually.
If you want several faces to have the same inset value select them all and choose the inset individual faces option to do them all at once by pressing I twice, rather than tediously entering the same value for however many faces. you can also do this after the fact by checking the individual box in the T region operator or F6 dialogs.

Modron thanks this is what you were sharing…?

Druban Not sure where on the R.H Side you are referring to? Maybe a screen grab if you get a chance?

So as to making my " I " key like the instructor’s that is a NO. That is an older version…Right?


@Good catch Ikari no idea how you could tell just experience, I guess!

Just sharp eyes (well, at least when I’m wearing my glasses) and magic “forum search fingers”…:wink:

If it helps?

Thanks for the grab and notes, I had not noticed the values above when using " I "
Appreciate it

@ Ikari, Yes I am following along an older bake tutorial, where I spent 15 minutes trying to find the download of the Inset tool. Being on 2.71 I already had it. DOh! I do like the measurement right there though. That is one thing I have not found is a triangle or ruler to have to measure like I do in AI…
Thanks again. Bubbabuba blenddderrrr.