Using images on planes as model references?

is there any way to get the backgoournd images as they are here in BLENDER wothout texturing plaains and using alpha?

No… then they wouldn’t be background images. :stuck_out_tongue:

And the future, please use the support forums for these kinds of questions.

well Sir this is relevant because of the image in the previous post.

I assume you’re already using the “import images as planes” script? it should then be just a matter of rotation.

no i m not familiar with that link?

To make it look like that, you are stuck with just what you said. However, I’m curious why it is not a preferable solution?

I wouldn’t keep the reference image planes on the zero axis though…I would push them back away from my modeling area. Doesn’t matter if the plane is 1 unit away or 50. When looking at the top / side / front views, it looks the same.