Using "Import Images as Planes" creates an invisible plane

In Blender 2.65, whenever I try to use the add-on “Import Images as Planes”, I get an invisible plane. I can move it around and it appears in the object list, but I cant see it, nor in texture mode nor in wireframe mode nor in any other setting. Adding lights or setting it to shadeless doesn’t do anything. Does anyone know how to fix this?


for me, the add on works. However, the imported plane is very small (something in the order of 0.07x0.05 BU^2) for a 1800x1200 px^2 image. Try selecting the object in the object list and select View->View Selected in 3D View.

Yes, this problem has been reported :

despite the report is closed as “it’s not a bug” but a big annoyance (as you need to rescale manually or before importing change the import settings in prevision of the ridiculously small plane it will create), hopefully there’s going to be some improvement one day as one of the dev added :

We’re working on more general solution for imported data. There’s quite the same issues with obj and 3ds importers.

The default size is set to DPI, scroll to the bottom on the import screen. Try the other size buttons.

Thank you both for the answers! I feel a little stupid for not trying to scale it before, especially since it sounds too obvious now that it was too small to see it.

“s100Enter” immediately after import allows to keep an eye to plane.
It wasn’t like so earlier - global heating meltdown?