Using inches

is the size we enter for say a sphere the diameter or the radius?
how do i make the background squares 12 inches apart?
thanks all

from the orthographic views (top, left, right, etc.)?
try this

maybe someone have a better solution…

thanks. my version 2.69 does not say radius , just size.
where is the background part on this version like your top pic.
i wont be changing from 2.69
i did not get my usual email notification, do i have to click a box on the forum now?

oh, sorry, I dont know nothing about 2.69 UI…
The closest support version is 2.83 now.
You need to mention blender version in the name of the topic, maybe someone have the same and could help.

Change “Tracking” to “Watching” at the bottom of all messages

thanks for your help APEC