Using Indigo Materials with Blender

How would i use Indigo materials from the database on Blender objects.


Do you mean to use Indigo materials on an object in Blender and render in Blender? I don’t think it would be easy if it is possible. If you are going to be using Indifo render with Blender, the materials can be manually added to the igs file after exporting from Blender.

Are you using the Blendigo export script?

I want to use these materials on and object in blender. I am using blendigo.


The materials posted at Indigo web site must be manually entered into the igs field. You can however read the information in the file, and re-create it in Blendigo material section, but there is no easy import that I know of.

So, if you wanted the scratched rust material from the link in your post, download the file. When you open the zip, extract the images to a directory, and open the igm file in a text editor. From there, you will see that it is a phong material and what all of the parameters are. Now you will have to re-create the settings in the Blendigo interface.

It may be easier to export the igs file with “autorun” toggled off, then open the igs file in a text editor and replace the material section with the one provided in the download.

Best of Luck!