Using Keyframes to Change the Factor Value in a Mix Node

I am fairly new to Blender, fyi, but a quick response would be helpful.

I am trying to change the factor value of my Mix node over time, in order to change the texture of my material from one to the other as my camera zooms in. However, whenever i key the factor value, it never stays keyed, whenever I change the value to key the next frame (frame 120 in this case), the value just stays the same as when I changed it the seccond time, it doesn’t change over time between the two keyframes. I’m not sure the reason for this, maybe it has something to do with the RNA string mentioning the default value, but I’m not sure exactly why the factor value is not changing. See attached .blend file

Or if there is a much easier way to gradually change the texture of a material over time, that would be great!

Edit: Found a workaround:


project.blend (899 KB)

To change a texture’s value over time, just hover over the value in the texture window, and hit I to keyframe.

If you look at my .blend file, you can see that I did that, but when I move the timeline between the two keyframes, the value just stays the same, it doesnt change at all. The value just stays at what it had been last set at, as if there was no keyframe at all, even though there are two.

Edit: And fyi, I’m trying to do this using a material node tree, with two different textures as inputs, then mixing them, and trying to keyframe the mix factor to change the output between the two textures.

Edit 2: Ok, I found a work around for my issue, I’m just going to change the color value in one of my textures using keyframes instead. I dont know why the keyframes dont work with the mixing factor, but oh well…