Using Kinect for mocap

I don’t know if this is the right place to put this, but every other Kinect related thread on this forum seemed to be here so I went with the trend.
As I’m sure you know Kinect is a peripheral sensor for the Xbox 360 which people are very fond of hacking for more useful purposes than playing Kinectimals. I was wondering if it is possible to use it to mocap for animations in blender (i.e. using it to record IPO keys for an armature that’s shaped like a human). If so could someone point me towards the resources required to do this?

I just downloaded the software ipi Soft. There is a 30 day trial demo version, but the software cost a few hundred. I do not have xbox 360. My good friend does. I am about to buy Kinect ($150) and test it out. I have already bought the Nyko zoom lens ($30 at best buy)so I can motion capture in tight spaces (5 to 8 feet). I read the Nyko product review about it being made of plastic lenses and not glass, so the quality control varies. Also, it must be put under the tv to work properly.

Point is, In ipi Soft, there is a menu command for File>Export to Blender.

I’d imagine this would export a simple bvh file. I guess at this point I will just File>import bvh into Blender. Hopefully that can be applied to metarig (add-on) rigs. A posted tutorial on applying bvh to metarigs would be awesome and probably exists somewhere.

I guess from there, implement the 12 principles of animation (see Tradigital blender by Roland Hess) to clean up the imported .bvh animation.

I have not done it :slight_smile: If I do, maybe can post the results in a few days.

At least that’s my plan. I just have to persuade myself to spend the money, lol. Only Blender is free :frowning:

Dude, this is an old-ass thread – people have already figured it out IIRC.