Using Knife Tool with Nurb Curve Drawn On a Surface Instead of Free Hand Cutting

Hi. I succeeded in doing so last night, but cannot now repeat it. With the Surface option it’s possible to draw a Nurb curve onto a surface and evidently to employ the knife tool using the surface Nurb curve to do the cutting rather than drawing the cut by hand. But every time I start to use the Knife Tool I get only the free hand option. I tried selecting the curve, then shift selecting the surface, switching to edit mode and then selecting Knife, but only the manual draw option comes up. Does anyone have experience with that?

you may want to use knife project. just select the curve,shift select the object, go to edit mode, and run knife project from the quick menu -

Yes Dan, I’m familiar with knife project. But it breaks down when you want to do something like cut a belt shape or a wrap around tattoo or circlet upon a character body, since knife project only operates upon a single plane of projection. And even if I’m only able to use my wrap-around surface Nurb curve as a guide while cutting by hand, it’s still better than knife project and can be done precisely. Do you agree? Instantly reorienting the view so as to be perpendicular to the surface tangent that I’m cutting at any moment would be nice (if there’s a way to do that) rather than zooming out and manually judging that view orientation.