Using Laptop, can't zoom in or out.

I just started playing around with Blender and watching the getting started videos. Immediately hit a big problem, I can rotate and pan my viewport holding down the middle mouse button but am unable to zoom by scrolling the wheel or hitting the + and - on the numpad (because there’s no numpad on the laptop).

Can I assign the zoom commands to another key or is there a preferences setup in the Blender interface. I really need to learn Blender because I’ll be teaching it to a roomful of students next week. Any help will be much appreciated.

Just to clarify further, I went into the Windows control panel and played with my mouse settings, but if I set my scroll wheel to magnify, I can zoom in Blender but can’t use it to rotate or pan. Windows 8.

I just found that I can hold down Ctr and Middle mouse click and it will zoom in and out. That is solved then is it?

In File->User Preferences->Input there is an “Emulate numpad” setting, but it only emulates number keys, AFAIK. Still useful for switching views.
You can zoom by holding ctrl and dragging with middle button. And similarly, you can pan viewport by holding shift.
And you can always assign your own keys to almost any function in blender. Again, see User Preferences->Input. There is a neat search function that’ll help you quickly locate settings you need.

Dammit, typed edit reason in the wrong field :slight_smile:

I just discovered the User preferences too, and they have a Maya option for navigation, I’d use that but I think I should get used to Blender way first, is that a good idea? What are most Blender artists using for navigation, Maya or Blender preset?

Stan Pancakes, thanks for the super quick response, but I beat you to it ha ha. What about the Maya preset, do you use it?

I’d say whichever way suits you most is the best. That’s why it’s customizable in the first place.

I just checked emulate numpad, what’s it do exactly, I don’t see anything different in the UI? Yes, I’ll need it for swapping views.

Oh okay got it. The number across the top.

What a top notch forum community.

Since you are going to be teaching a group of students, I would recommend using the Blender default settings. If your students go online to look at tutorials, the tutorials will more than likely be using the Blender defaults as well. Trying to mentally convert the Blender default shortcuts to Maya’s shortcuts might frustrate and confuse them.