Using Launchpad for Blender?


This thread is just to propose a Idea:

Use Launchpad for hosting Blender project.

This idea came to me when I was reporting a Bug on the actual site Blender uses. Its really slow and its hard to find some informations (like searching if the Bug i’s already reported).
The Launchpad service will be Open-Source in 12 months. And taking a look into the projects hosted there show the capacity and power of the service.

I really don’t know if it would be hard to do that (probably time consuming). But I would like to help if such a “migration” happen.

What you think? Its a good idea?

Maybe, maybe not. Haven’t used launchpad before, much less I know about how it works. You’ll have to make a really strong case in #blendercoders before any such migration will happen.


I see… So whats is the name of the current “system” Blender uses now for Project management?
I am interested in at least the possibilities, and Launchpad has some “import” and “Integration” features.

I am interested in researching this.


filsd: .

You can find Launchpad migration blockers at .

Thank you BeBraw! :slight_smile:

Nice to see that are others interested and researching that to. I will keep my eye on Launchpad to see if they get rid of the “Migration Blockers”.


/me <3 Launchpad. :RocknRoll:

Few weeks + ago I was about to try to report a bug,
but i just can’t stand gforge, was trying to look if there would be duplicates,
and thought of suicide after 3 hours. :frowning:

Launchpad is easy to use.

Besides git is awesome! :wink:

Exactly! :yes:

And have the benefit of not using the Blender Foundation Servers… I know that a project like Blender need a way to do “Local backups” of the code (like its described on the wiki page)… but I think launchpad better for the user (I don’t know if its better for the Devs, the wiki have strong points on that).

The majority of the developers now has learned the ways of SVN. Git or Bazaar would be Yet Another Way to learn, and I don’t think we’re all that keen on switching again.

That said, better (search) functionality for our trackers wouldn’t hurt :slight_smile:


yeah, actually when the change to svn occurred, i was wondering: “Why SVN, why not git?”, but oh well…