using licensed music in non-commercial materials

Does anyone know how is this covered by the law? If I wanna use music which was originaly made for movie or game (is licensed) and I am gonna use it in non-commercial/non-profit video or game demoscene.

I believe that this applies:
If you don’t charge money, better said: if you earn money for it, you are free to use it.

But yet again: I don’t know for sure and it might differ per country.
It could be so in The Netherlands while it is different in the Czech Republic.

The general consensus is not to use it, I think. Artists that copyright or protect things like that can get pretty stinky about it, and you could end up in a lot of trouble.

What I recommend, if you are interested in pursueing it, is to write the company or person that holds the copyrights. Explain briefly to them what you want to use it for. They might let you, it happens. But if I were you, I’d get their permission in writing just to be safe.

Copyright law still applies (which is about ownership and not money), which means that no it is not legal to do so without permission being granted.

With that said, many artists turn a blind eye to non-commercial usage, as it often works in their favour, such as George Lucas and Starwars fan films. The real question it comes down to is A) will you get legal action taken against you, and B) is it rude? A) unlikely, B) potentially

If in doubt don’t use it, or ask permission.

maybe this will help creative commons

Asking for permission is definitely smart suggestion, thank you guys.