Using lights and seeing a result

See pic for details. I cannot seem to see a result when using different lighting in my scene. As well I saw no result when using a Node to brighten it up… Any tips reasons why? Please use complete sentences when helping. (Maybe a screen grab or use the one I posted) I am new and have a hard time reading minds from this end, with some of the replies.
Thanks LOL!

As well I saw no result when using a Node to brighten it up.

The compositor is for post processing not real time adjustment. You will need to render your scene (F12) first so the node then makes changes to the render layer node

I am new and have a hard time reading minds from this end, with some of the replies.
And everyone else has a hard time when people don’t bother supplying blend files for review!

Thank you for the reply. So you mean I have to render out via f12 to see each adjustment of a node? There is no Real - time edit on these?

If that is the case that should be taken a look at by the coders. I can see not a real time preview where you have to unclick the mouse but to have to render out to adjust a node, does not make sense. When doing keying I can see as I go in the pane?

I would upload a blend file, (which was a ? never answered when I FIRST started) but it appears I need a server to upload it to; to THEN use a URL to park it in a post. Hence using screen grabs. UNLESS there is an answer to being able to upload blender files here as One would a png?

I am still in the dark about the lights…

You can upload your .blend files to and post the download link here afterwards.

As for your compositor questions:
The compositor needs a source, data to work (composite) with. This can be a saved image / movie file or - in your case - a render layer. But any render layer is empty until you actually render it out. After rendering the render result is buffered and the compositor can access it: The Render Layer node will now show an image of the rendered scene - that’s what Richard Marklew referred to.

To see changes of any compositing nodes in “real time” you will need a Viewer node, which will give you a preview of whatever it is connected to. If you check “Backdrop” under the compositing viewport you will see a large image of the selected Viewer node in the background of your compositing viewport. Any other viewport set to rendered view will not show a result of the compositing!

To get a final result of your composition you will need to render out the image again and Blender will now perform a two-step operation: First it does the “vanilla” render, then it applies the compositing on top of that.

That’s a rather simplified overview, but might get you started.

Ikari - Thank you for the details. I did have backdrop checked off, but I did not have a viewer node. (that is the mind reading I was referring to)

Thank you for the answer on blend files upload and a resource to use to accomplish it.

So back to the compositor question, I must first render out a layer and then add my nodes? To composite it? ( a 2 pass compositing) Is this why I am not getting any result when say in this pic (see attached) (I was trying to make a chrome plane)? I must first render out my plane and then re-import to then add my effects / nodes? Or compositing as it is referred to here, albeit no correct spelling…LOL

Is this is why I am not getting any light result either? Sorry if these are redundant ?'s but I am trying to understand, or double check my understanding of it… You see that 1st pic (above) does indeed use a png however I saw no result due to no Viewer Node. Even though it was infact a png and had a reference. This pic below problem is the layer is only a layer until I render it out and THEN go back add nodes and a viewer to preview / adjust?

Again, the compositor needs a source. This can be e.g. a file on your hard disk that you rendered out years ago. Or any other image (photographs or what not) that you now load into the compositor by using a Input > Image node.

If the scene you are working on itself is to be the source for compositing, you don’t need to render, save and load that image back into Blender, but can rather use a shortcut instead, which is the Render Layers node. By using that you only need to render the scene once to create a render result Blender can work with directly.

Concerning the rest of your question: Sorry, but I don’t get what you’re trying to do. It sounds (might be wrong on that) that you confuse shading and compositing nodes? Care to elaborate what exactly you are trying to achieve? If you want to create a chrome plane, why would you need compositing at all?

Thanks for the get back appreciate it. Yeah that is why I asked. So that is a NO for my question.

“Rather use a shortcut instead, which is the Render Layers Node .”

I just found out there are two different node editors, one for shading and the other for compositing which I THINK means to add effects? Hence me not being able to use a viewer when in shading mode. Again with the mind reading… LOL!

So the 1st pic above, shows I am using a shader Node to accomplish my attempt at adding lights as in the first pic.
Which NOW we are talking about two different node editors… Not to confuse me or you. Then in this pic I am in Composite mode to make chrome. Which DOES give me a viewer option…(see pic)

Where is the resource to know which Editor to use and when? And when using an editor, how to preview as one goes? Is there a tell tale sign of which node editor One should be in when selecting nodes?

As of now I am guessing shader would be used for lights? How about chrome? Is that a shader node as well? As the Color Converter were both available in BOTH editors??

So many tutorial videos blow by those VERY important details… Thanks for pointing that out.

Furthermore… I think I get it… as you stated. I need a source be it an old rendered out model (whatever it is) a movie, still. Use Compositer editor. (photographs or what not) that you now load into the compositor by using it as a Material> Input > Image node.

IF working on a model (which I am)

" the Render Layers node." with a viewer to preview results…

So my question is now where are the render layers Node and the Image Node? I only see shader and compositor node editor?

Indeed, Blender knows three different types of nodes: Shader nodes, compositing nodes and texture nodes.

Any node editor can be set to show each of the three node types.

Basically a CG workflow will have two major steps:
A Modeling - texturing - lighting - rendering
B Compositing (optional)

Step B is - simply speaking - for the refinement and enhancement of the render result from step A and therefore needs pre-rendered image sources to work with. Compositing means to e. g. combine multiple renders into one or to add lens flares and glare effects to a final render or to work on colour balance etc. Only for this step B (which is entirely optional) you will ever need compositing nodes.

For everything else in step A you will only need shader and texture nodes. So, if you’re still in the phase of creating materials, stay away from the compositor.

For a chrome-like material in Cycles I would think a glossy shader with a low roughness will be a good starting point (Shader > Glossy BSDF).

THAT should be a STICKY ! Thanks.

I will retry my steps using shader nodes. But how do I get a preview as I am working…I did not see a viewer Node in the Shader Editor…Where is Render Layers (is there a node?) to preview my work? Or is it accessed another magical way??

It’s almost 2:20 AM here in Germany and I need my beauty sleep…:wink:
Tell you what: In the morrow I try to prepare a small video tutorial with some basics about materials and shading in Cycles. OK?

The “shader editor” does not need a viewer as all changes to shader nodes can be previewed with the rendered viewport (= viewport set to rendered view).

I was going to upload the blend file for you to take a look at what I am doing wrong. I cannot have a background option to check off in Shaders Node editor where these steps would be used (see below) ignore pics ref they are for my end.

I went to paste all I get the upload but where do I go from there? It does not give me a link to post to it. there are three options but when using them I get no result?

continued 3 pic max 2 more below

ahh… render view gets my preview thanks again. Sleep well…Appreciate it.

Finally got the time to record a little video: Here you are.
Don’t expect that much - I found it increasingly difficult to use Blender, think and speak a foreign language at the same time… It’s a very very basic “let’s shade a bit” video. Well, maybe it is of help anyway…

Concerning pasteall: After the upload you can see the download link in your browser’s adress bar.

Thank you for the time you took to share with me to do this. However your file is corrupt. Where you just start to mention laziness of lighting and it stops… Appreciate you remembering to share with me how to use Pasteall.

That is a link to my quick chrome plane. If you would please let me know what I am not enabling to see a result. Or is there any other reason I am not seeing the same result after render is enabled in a viewport as is the preview viewport in the materials area…

Screen grab-If you did not care to check the Blender file.

The problem with your scene is that there is nothing for the chrome plane to reflect. You have a perfect mirror in a perfect greyish-white environment - making it effectively invisible. As soon as there is something else in that scene, the plane becomes visible:

Funny thing with the video, though: Runs fine for me.
You could try downloading it (right-click > Save target as…) and playing it offline?

Thank you, I did as you instructed for the dload of vid. I will watch it. Funny! I do have it right with your help, I need only to now add something to reflect in my chrome…Thanks again really appreciate the time you took to help me out.